Bucket List this Summer

Ok, so my plan for this summer is to do something I’ve never done before at least a couple of times. Maybe like every other day or so. Now, I know that I may not follow through on this all of the time, but I want to live more and be more. You only life once, right? Let’s get started!

  1. Get creative with baking (“special brownies”..)
  2. Go the hidden springs (near my area)
  3. Go to the hidden waterfalls
  4. Go to crater lake
  5. Go on a hike (upper table rock, mount Ashland) 
  6. Hang out with somebody new
  7. Street perform
  8. Do something wild with my hair 
  9. Get the tannest ever (I’ve never tried that hard to get tan, ok?)
  10. Go camping
  11. Get a guinea pig
  12. Eat at a new place
  13. See a Shakespeare play
  14. Drink a beer and smoke a cigar right outside of my apartment with my roomie.
  15. Run like crazy 
  16. See a band live somewhere downtown (armory)
  17. Have a photo shoot out in nature
  18. Go to a tanning bed a couple of times
  19. Make new friends
  20. Get a massage (doesn’t sound that crazy but I haven’t had one in so long)
  21. Prank someone
  22. Make a photography blog
  23. Have a dance party in our apartment
  24. Go to the Oregon coast
  25. Drive to Portland with a friend 
  26. Go out in nature and draw a picture 
  27. Do something in regards to the church
  28. Go to science works
  29. Go kayaking
  30. Go to an art gallery or museum
  31. Go to Jacksonville
  32. Go line dancing
  33. Read an ENTIRE book (thrilling I know)
  34. Take a tour
  35. Do a spa day
  36. Go to the cabaret 
  37. Go to railroad district
  38. Watch the sunset
  39. Watch the sunrise 
  40. Go to a new winery
  41. Take a yoga class
  42. Go to the vortex in Medford
  43. Go to Ashland resovior 
  44. Go on a picnic
  45. Karaoke night!
  46. North mountain parks
  47. Go to chanticleer’s garden hammock
  48. Go to Lithia park gazibo

That’s all I have for now!:) 

Stay tuned!