The author of this article is terribly confused and the article itself is beyond disappointing. It is the 21st century, I can’t even fathom why there are still people out there that have issues with transgenderism and the queer movement in general. Somebody feeling as if they are trapped inside the wrong body has EVERY RIGHT to change in order to be comfortable in his or her own skin. Deciding to become a man or woman in order to feel HAPPY requires a large amount of courage, and for somebody to shut that person down is completely insensitive. The person who decided to write such a politically incorrect article is obviously confused about the feminist movement, and all LGBTQ social movements in general. Feminism is an incredibly vast concept that so many people don’t understand, it is difficult to start an argument and have such a strong opinion on something that you really don’t know anything about. I am not saying that I myself am not guilty of this, but I’ve learned that if I really don’t get something, I should research it. This woman, although formerly a man physically, chose to do something for herself in order to lead a happy and healthy life. We in NO WAY have the right to judge her. “Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman” is not only embracing what the LGBTQ movement is about, but it is also inspiring so many men and women out there that are confused about their sexuality. I wish articles like this didn’t exist, but then again it goes to show that we as a society have so much to learn.


Anxious yet again

Last night was rough. After a day of resting but also feeling pretty weak and crappy, the topic of figuring out where we are going to live in a MONTH crossed my mind. I of course  looked to my parents for help and advice, and of course got no help whatsoever and found that they just made the situation much worse. So I had a slight panic attack, and handled the situation in a way that I’m not supposed to: by freakin the freak out. I panicked… I panicked because I truly have no clue where I am going to live this summer. I also don’t know if I’m just living with my roommate as planned, or if we are going to live with more people. I want to live in the moment and not stress, I want to live life freely and just go with whatever happens. But being dependent financially on my dad is making that really difficult. I know that I’m so lucky to have someone who has been so supportive financially, and who had given me the life I live. But I now feel in debted to him somehow. It’s frustrating. He has control and I’d like 100% control of my life. If anybody who’s in this weird in between part of their life, please help me out. Maybe we can relate together and understand eachother’s confusion and difficulty. Being a young adult is fun but so confusing.